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“Offsite homes built in record time: how to build your home faster. Having a new-build home in less than a year is now possible. Moreover, homes built ‘offsite’ offer better execution quality when compared to traditional construction”Read article >
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Noticia industrializacion El Mundo

“AEDAS Homes has become the first big developer in Spain to launch large-scale residential developments built offsite”.

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Noticia industrializacion elEconomista

Publicly-listed AEDAS Homes is now manufacturing homes in half the time. The residential development company is leading the way in offsite building in Spain”.

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el economista industrialized homes

“AEDAS Homes will invest 35 million euros in its first 100 homes built offsite”.

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"Modules built houses are increasing business in Spain".

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“Residential development in Spain has started to change, and a radical shift in homebuilding is predicted. AEDAS Homes sees this trend and technique enjoying success around the globe”.

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“AEDAS Homes is betting on offsite construction as the new way forward in homebuilding”.

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“Manufacturing houses just like cars: the moment for building homes in half the time has finally arrived”.

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