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Reasons to choose an OffSite home

Offsite homes are built in a factory. These are the main reasons why they are right for you.

Less time

The time it takes to deliver your new home is reduced by half compared to traditional construction. You’ll have the keys to your new home much sooner than you expected.

Higher quality

Building homes in a factory means that millimetric precision and optimum quality of execution can be achieved.

More environmentally-friendly

Tight control over materials and resources used ensures lower carbon emissions.

What highly-regarded architects have to say

Renowned Spanish architects reflect on offsite construction in the real estate sector


OffSite Developments

Merian II

Torrejón de Ardoz


El Cañaveral (Madrid)
Casas en Estepona

Vanian Valley


Tinné I

Boadilla del Monte

Tinné II

Boadilla del Monte

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